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Translation Lookaside Buffer

Updated: Oct 5th, 2023

TLB Shootdown

Small set-associative hardware cache in MMU

Maps virtual page numbers to physical page numbers

Contains complete page table entries for small number of pages

TLB 的构造

TLB 和一般的 [[ CPU Cache ]] 差不多,会把 VPN (Virtual Page Number)分成TLB Tag和 TLB Index,来访问 cache。

Pasted image 20220709151519 (图源:CSAPP 课件)



A TLB hit eliminates a cache/memory access

Pasted image 20220709151424 (图源:CSAPP 课件)

TLB Miss

A TLB miss incurs an additional cache/memory access (the PTE)

Pasted image 20220709151435

TLB on Modern CPU

Pasted image 20220530134048

reverse engineer of TLB [1]

A. Tatar, D. Trujillo, C. Giuffrida, and H. Bos, “{TLB;DR}: Enhancing {TLB-based} Attacks with {TLB} Desynchronized Reverse Engineering,” 2022, pp. 989–1007 [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 14-Sep-2023]

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